Thadeus Cornell Chimney Technician Chimney Pros Minnesota

Thadeus Cornell

Chimney Technician – CSIA certified, #11965

Our newest member, Thadeus, is a Chimney Technician at The Chimney Pro’s, committed to learning and contributing to safety and excellence in every project.

Thadeus’s early experiences highlight his dedication to mastering the trade, addressing chimney issues, and providing reliable solutions for clients.

Even in his early career, Thadeus prioritizes professionalism, offering insights into chimney care and maintenance for a positive customer experience.

Embracing growth opportunities, Thadeus actively engages in ongoing education, contributing to The Chimney Pro’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

In his budding role, Thadeus combines a commitment to learning with a focus on client satisfaction, making him a promising addition to The Chimney Pro’s team within the past year.