Let The Chimney Pro’s Know About Your Experience

“We called with a bird problem in our second story fireplace vent that two other companies decided they didn’t want to handle. Troy came out the same day we called and took care of it. He had to pull apart our gas fireplace in order to get to four birds that had hatched and grown to full size in there. We were so relieved to have this resolved as we were leaving on a trip and would have returned to a tinky mess. He was GREAT and really fair on his pricing. We would highly recommend him to our friends!”
— Jeff & Christine G. Hudson, WI

“I just want to thank you for the great job you did rebuilding our chimney. I got estimates from 3 different companies, you guys weren’t the cheapest, but I felt more comfortable working with you guys. I don’t believe in always going with the cheapest company, or the most expensive. You guys were in the middle, but the job you did looks over the top.”
— Brent B. Forest Lake, MN

“After getting multiple estimates, I realized The Chimney Pro’s was the company I was going with no matter the price. The staff at Chimney Pro’s was more knowledgable than any of the other companies I met with. Everyone was down to earth and offered more than one option to fix our problem, and we had a BIG problem. The stone work you guys did looks awesome and our new woodstove works great! Thanks for all your help, we will refer you to anyone we know looking for help with their chimney!” Thanks again!
— Jeff G. Mendota Heights, MN

“Steven, We are taking an opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent work your company performed on our chimney and fireplaces. We were most impressed with your knowledge and experience. You explained the problems succintly and identified the solutions. Both fireplaces work great! Every time you and your staff were here, work was performed expertly and thoughtfully. Above all, we believed in your integrity and had no doubt that we could depend on you. Thank you so much for helping us.
— Joan & Jon F. Dresser, WI

“Chimney Pro’s came out to clean 2 flues and replace spark arresters. After intial inspection of the chimney, they informed me that they couldn’t charge me for work that didn’t need to be performed. Their honesty was refreshing! They even made a special trip to pick up a unique sized spark arrester. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and neighbors.”
— Lynette S. Minneapolis, MN

“The Chimney Pro’s rebuilt the top of my chimney and installed a new concrete crown with a overhang. Their work looks excellent and the price was more than fair.”
— Peter S. Minneapolis, MN

“I had an estimate from another company for my chimney repairs, which was crazy expensive. The other company acted like the chimney police, they were really overbearing. After the other company left I called The Chimney Pro’s. They gave me an estimate, without the fear tactic selling pressure. The Chimney Pro’s were very professional and explained everything so that I could understand what was wrong and what needed to be done. I hired them to do the work and the final price was exactly what they quoted me (they even installed two caps at no cost that were not in the estimate). I would suggest calling The Chimney Pro’s to anyone looking for an honest hard working company, they do what they say they are going to do without all the BS.”
— Eric G. Roseville, MN

“The Chimney Pro’s tuckpointed my chimney and it looks like new they have my recommendation. They actually suggested ways to save me a lot of money off the original price they quoted me. Great Job!”
— Brenda G. St. Paul, MN

“The Chimney Pro’s just got done rebuilding my chimney. Excellent job and it looks great. Great job cleaning up.”
— Leah W. Minneapolis, MN

“I was getting my chimney cleaned each year by a chimney sweep. Last spring after he cleaned it he told me again that everything was fine. I didn’t feel comfortable because I was finding large bubbles of black tar in my clean out and I could see some cracks in the flue tiles at the top of the chimney. I called The Chimney Pro’s, they came out and showed me pictures of the inside of my flue and pictures of the cracked liner. After they explained I had damage from a chimney fire they gave me all the paperwork to turn into my insurance company. The insurance company covered ALL my costs including the inspection. These guys did an EXCELLENT job, everything was cleaner when they left than when they got there, I would recommend them to anyone!”
— Gordon O. Hudson, WI

“After I was told by 4 other chimney companies that my chimney could not be fixed, I was talking to one of my golfing buddies and the subject of home repairs came up. I was telling him that I needed my chimney fixed but no one wanted to touch it, he explained that they had The Chimney Pro’s do some pretty extensive repairs at his home. I called The Chimney Pro’s and a week latter my chimney was fixed. Thank You for all your hard work, everything works GREAT!!”
— Steve B. Bloomington, MN

“Well, I didn’t have a chimney to work on, however, I hired The Chimney Pro’s (they were refered by another company working on my house) to repair the foundation on my house. They Showed up on time, worked professionally, and explained the repair in exact detail so I knew exactly what I was paying for.”
— Bruce F. Minneapolis, MN

“I hired The Chimney Pro’s to install Chim-A-Lators on my house and clean the chimneys, they did an awesome job and the price was exactly what I was quoted before they started. Additionally, I am a realator and have worked with The Chimney Pro’s on numerous properties that I have sold and purchased. They are always professional and I would recommend them to anyone looking for chimney service….See you at the next house, thanks for all your help!!”
— Dawn G. Edina, MN

“After another Minneapolis chimney company told me I needed my entire chimney rebuilt because the mortar joints in the liner were decayed, The Chimney Pro’s made the repairs in a matter of hours and SHOWED ME THE REPAIRS THEY MADE ON VIDEO! It was a pleasure to work with them.”
— M. Tucker Minneapolis, MN

“I own a stucco company and sub-contracted The Chimney Pro’s to tear down the top 10′ of a chimney and rebuild it for one of my customers. First, they inspected the chimney and told me exactly what was needed to make it safe, other than just rebuilding the top of it. They did an excellent job, their clean up was excellent, and they are a pleasure to work with. I will be working with them more in the future.”
— Dave D. N.E. Minneapolis, MN

“I hired The Chimney Pro’s to put a new liner in my chimney. I heat my house with wood. They came out and looked at the project, gave me all the paperwork to turn into my insurance company, and the entire job was covered under my homeowners policy. They came out and worked on my chimney for 3 days straight until they were done. They did an excellent job, there was no mess–they were extremely professional. Thank you guys for a great job, awesome!”
— Todd B. New Richmond, WI

“We haven’t used our fireplace for years because we didn’t know what kind of shape it was in. We saw The Chimney Pro’s at one of the home shows and signed up for a chimney cleaning and inspection. After they were done, they only charged us for a visual inspection and no cleaning. They explained that the chimney did not need to be cleaned. We just wanted to Thank You for being so honest and thanks for saving us some money!”
— Gary D. Eden Prairie, MN

“Best price and service, apples to apples, on chimney cleaning and inspection in the Twin Cities period!”
— Judy C. Oakdale, MN

“The Chimney Pro’s relined my chimney and got the entire job covered under my home owners insurance. They did a great job with absolutely no mess. I highly recommend calling them to look at your chimney if you need anything done.”
— Larry F. North Hudson, WI

“Chimney Pro’s cleaned my chimney. No mess and an excellent price.”
— Andrea P. Woodbury, MN

“The Chimney Pro’s cleaned my chimney and there was no mess, they were polite, they knew what they were doing, and the price was more than fair. I would recommend them to anyone.”
— Kathy T. Roseville, MN

“What a difference! We called another chimney company to clean our chimney and when they were done they said we shouldn’t use it becuse we needed a new liner, and the smoke chamber needed rebuilt. Needless to say, the estimate was a lot to get it done. We called The Chimney Pro’s to get an estimate, which was free, and see what they thought about the condition of our fireplace and chimney. They found the same issues the other company did, however, they showed us how they could fix our problems WITHOUT tearing anything apart. We hired The Chimney Pro’s to repair the liner with fireguard, they repaired the smoke chamber with smoktite, and we had them install a Chimalator. We got all this done for less than half of the bid from the other chimney company. They showed up on time, there was absolutely NO MESS, and the price was exactly what I was quoted before they started. Thank You for your awesome service.”
— Tom H. Wayzata, MN

“CLEAN, professional, inexpensive. What more could anyone want?”
— George M. White Bear Lake, MN

“I had The Chimney Pro’s out to clean my wood stove chimney. After they got it clean they explained the tiles in the chimney were cracked and it needed to be relined. They provided all the paperwork to turn into my insurance company, the only thing I had to pay was my deductible. The Chimney Pro’s did an awesome job and turned our nightmare into a dream….Everything went excellent!! Thank you Chimney Pro’s!!”
— Terry F. Stillwater, MN

“Dear Steve,
We are taking an opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent work your company performed on our chimney and fireplace.

We were most impressed with your knowledge and experience. You explained the problem succinctly and identified a solution. Both fireplaces work great! Everytime you and your staff were here, work was performed expertly and thoughtfully. Above all, we believed in your integrity and had no doubt we could depend on you.

Thank you so much for helping us”
— Jon F. Dresser, WI

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