Steve Cody, Owner Chimney Pros Minnesota

Steve Cody

Owner – President, BCQ081700009 – BC67036

With over 30 years of expertise in the chimney industry, Steve is the proud owner of The Chimney Pro’s, a leading chimney service company.

Steve’s journey began as an apprentice, where he cultivated hands-on experience and a deep understanding of chimney construction, maintenance, and restoration.

In 2010, Steve founded The Chimney Pro’s, known for its commitment to quality chimney inspections, cleanings, repairs, and installations.

Steve prioritizes client satisfaction through transparent communication and a personable approach, earning the trust of a loyal clientele.

Beyond business success, Steve is dedicated to giving back by providing chimney safety education and supporting local charities.

A respected figure, Steve actively participates in industry events and ongoing education, ensuring his team stays at the forefront of industry standards. Additionally, Steven has a degree in Architectural Engineering and a 4-year degree in Legal Studies.

As a seasoned professional and community-focused entrepreneur, Steve continues to elevate The Chimney Pro’s to new heights in the chimney service industry.