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Untitled-1The Smoke chamber is one of the most over looked areas in a chimney system. They aren’t overlooked because no one knows about them; they are ignored because no one wants to work on them. They are the toughest area of a chimney to get at and work on. This isn’t good news for homeowners, untrained technicians, or companies that don’t follow a strict chimney cleaning procedure often neglect the smoke chamber and tell the homeowner everything looks good. The smoke chamber is the hottest area in a chimney system and where a lot of chimney fires start.

“ChimneyThe Chimney Pro’s know how important the smoke chamber is, this is one area that we concentrate on getting clean, and inspecting twice! Although the smoke chamber is exposed to the highest temperatures in the chimney, it is the area that is most often built, or not finished, correctly.

Bricks and mortar, although not combustible, maintain no insulating factor and break down when exposed to heat—especially at temperatures maintained in the smoke chamber of a wood burning fireplace.

The (IRC) International Residential Code Book (2006 ed., section R1001.8) states: “When the inside surface of the smoke chamber is formed by corbeled masonry, the inside surface shall be parged smooth.”


The (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association-211 Code Book (2013 ed., section states: “The inner surfaces of the smoke chamber shall be parge coated smooth, with an insulating refractory mortar.”

The smoke chamber is a hot oven where considerable amounts of creosote collect and many chimney fires start. A house fire initiating in the smoke chamber may not have anything to do with a chimney fire, but it may be the end result of heat escaping through small holes, cracks, decayed mortar joints between bricks, or other defects in the chamber walls from simply normal use of the fireplace. As soon as the flames get access to the attic, upper floor, or living room where oxygen is plentiful, then it becomes a free-burning fire.

“ChimneyParging, with the correct material, offers quite a few benefits.

Improves safety of chimney
Increases structural integrity of the smoke chamber area
Typically improves draft and performance of the fireplace
Returns smoke chamber to code compliant
Reduces the chance of a chimney fire

Some companies, who have not kept up on technology, may suggest tearing apart your entire chimney system to fix these defects. The Chimney Pro’s can fix just about any smoke chamber problem “Without” tearing anything apart—at a fraction of the cost.

Smoktite Sealant

Smoktite is a ceramic sealant that our factory trained & certified technicians apply to seal your entire smoke chamber. Smoktite has an operating temperature of 3000 degrees F., a temperature most residential chimneys will never reach. Smoktite is a sprayable ceramic that fills all the cracks, holes, and voids in your smoke chamber and smooth’s off some of that corbeling so the fireplace works more efficiently. Smoktite comes with a lifetime warranty.

CSIA Cert. #7944, 8150. Builders License BC 647036


Chamber Guard

Chamber Guard is a parging refractory mortar made specifically for smoke chambers. If your smoke chamber is built somewhat incorrectly, and can be repaired by parging by hand, we may have to remove your damper and frame to gain access—typically, this is the most we have to take apart. When we are done parging we can reinstall your damper frame, or install a new energy efficient Chim-A-Lator top mounted damper. Chamber Guard comes with a 25 year warranty.


Guardian Smoke Chamber Restoration

Guardian SCR, if your smoke chamber is in ruff shape, believe it or not, we can build a new smoke chamber without tearing apart your chimney. Our technicians, trained by FireSafe Industries, can install Guardian SCR. Basically, your smoke chamber is filled with refractory mortar and a new smoke chamber is “Carved” out of the new refractory mortar—Tearing Nothing Apart! We seal your damper, pour your smoke chamber material down the flue to fill up the smoke chamber, then we carve out a brand new smoke chamber—Problem Solved! Guardian SCR comes with a 25 year warranty.


Don’t overlook this area of your chimney! Contact The Chimney Pro’s Today and Get Inspected—Make sure your smoke chamber is built the way it’s supposed to be! (651) 731-5111.

Be Smart…Be Sure…Get Inspected!

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