Tulikivi and Temp-Cast Masonry Heaters

The Chimney Pro’s are proud to be a dealer and installer for Tulikivi and Temp-Cast Masonry Heaters.

Masonry Heaters are the best and safest way to heat your home with wood—Period!

Masonry HeatersMasonry Heaters can heat your home for 12-24 hours on one firing of wood. Compare that to a traditional fireplace, or a wood stove, and you’ll find there is no comparison.

Masonry heaters allow you to greatly reduce your wood usage, get every ounce of heat out of the wood that you do use, and tremendously reduce emissions to relatively “Zero-Emissions” making masonry heaters one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your home—It Doesn’t Get Any Greener!

It Doesn’t Get Any Better! Call our office today for an in-person demonstration!

• Heat your home with less wood—way less wood!
• Use half as much wood as you would use in a wood-burning insert or woodstove!
• Masonry Heaters do not waste wood like a normal woodstove or open fireplace!
• Masonry Heaters are your perfect emergency heat, or primary heating source!
• Safer operation than a standard fireplace, wood-burning insert, or woodstove!
• Masonry Heaters can be built as rustic or modern as you choose, endless options!
• With the optional built-in oven, you can also cook in your Masonry Heater!
• Tulikivi Masonry Heaters have a “Net-Zero Carbon Footprint”. Hard to believe, but true!
• Masonry Heaters, when used properly, require very little maintenance.
• Masonry Heaters are fueled by a renewable energy source, wood—making them the Green Choice for heat!
• Different size Masonry Heaters to accommodate the square footage of your home!
• Temp-Cast Masonry Heaters are made locally, right here in the Twin Cities!!!
• “Zero-Down” financing available for all Tulikivi and Temp-Cast Masonry Heaters!

The typical woodstove, or wood-burning insert, that people try to heat their home with can be extremely dangerous because of the “Way” they are used. A lot of people burn their appliance all day, which produces creosote—the fuel for chimney fires. Additionally, in the evening they typically fill the appliance with wood, get a good fire going, then just before bed they shut down the combustion air supply, so the fire burns slow, and they have hot coals in the morning to throw another log on. What happens overnight is the fireplace turns into a “Smoker”, it isn’t a fireplace anymore. Creosote builds up at a ridiculous rate. This goes on repeatedly all winter long, day after day. The chances of having a chimney fire using your appliance like this is all but guaranteed.

This doesn’t happen with a Masonry Heater, you have a fire in the evening—the fire goes out; however, the masonry heater releases heat all night long and the temperature is the same in the morning as when you went to bed—and, you didn’t have a fire burning all night while you were sleeping—much safer!! Also, the Masonry Heater doesn’t produce creosote, which eliminates the risk of chimney fire.

The benefits to heating with a Masonry Heater are virtually endless. If you have any questions, need help designing your Masonry Heater to fit your house, or would like to see a Masonry Heater in person—Don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Are You Ready to Heat Your Home Efficiently with Your New Masonry Heaters?

Tulikivi Masonry Heaters are the Cadillac of heaters. Read more below

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