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Gas Fireplace Repair & Maintenance Services

Gas fireplaces are so convienent, flip a swith or push a button on the remote–you’ve got your instant fire. With a wood burning fireplace if the fire goes out–well, it’s obvious it needs more firewood. If the fire goes out in your gas fireplace–well, the answer might not be so clear. Gas fireplaces seem simple, however, there’s a lot of technology built into these units that make them work everytime without fail. Simple little things like the glass being dirty, or the inside of the unit collecting to much dust can cause big problems.

If you have a gas appliance that you’re having trouble with, rest assured, our trained technicians can diagnose and repair most problems right on the spot. We also repair or replace glass fronts, valves, knobs, seals, thermopiles, thermocouples, vent piping, pilot assemblies, control boxes, igniters, wall switches, remote controls—you get the idea—The Chimney Pro’s can take care of your problem!

Many homes are built with multpile fireplaces, some wood burning and some may have been converted to gas. The Chimney Pro’s can service both your gas and wood burning fireplaces at the same time–you don’t need to make two appointments with two different companies!

We Can Service Your Gas & Wood-Burning Appliances at the Same Time–With One Appointment!

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