Gas Fireplace & Gas Insert Sales and Installation…

There’s only one thing better than a roaring fire on a cold Minnesota night: a roaring fire that needs no tending, requires minimal cleanup, and doesn’t make the rest of the house freezing cold! That’s a gas fireplace today. Long gone are the wishy-washy blue flames and unimpressive “logs.” Modern gas fireplaces burn much more convincingly, with glowing embers and tall orange and yellow flames that dance just for you—you’ll have to take a pretty close look to see the difference between our gas fires and a real wood-burning fires.

With a wall thermostat, or remote control, you have instant heat and ambiance at your fingertips.

Why choose The Chimney Pro’s?

Between our staff members we have over 100 years of combined experience. We send experienced installers to preview your project ahead of time to insure everything is going to go as planned. We learn all the details to make sure everything goes smooth for you!

We “Listen.” We listen to you when you tell us what you’re trying to do. Since The Chimney Pro’s are a full service chimney company we completely understand how your system is put together and what you can—and can’t—do with it. Other companies send out a salesperson that has never worked on a chimney, you tell him what you want— then he goes back to his subcontractor to find out if you can do it. Not at The Chimney Pro’s, our staff is capable of answering all your questions on the spot.

We provide a professional computerized estimate showing every little detail so you understand exactly what’s being done, when its being done, and how much your project costs—no surprises!

The “Only” thing we use a subcontractor for is the gas line. Other than that, everything we do is done by The Chimney Pro’s—including framing, stone work, installation, mantles, and anything else you can dream up—if you can imagine it, The Chimney Pro’s can make it happen!

Price! Since we don’t have multiple showrooms to maintain 12 months a year, our prices are hard to beat—our service is Very hard to beat. We’re small enough so you’re not just a number, and big enough to take care of just about any project you have.

Financing… The Chimney Pro’s offer short term in-house financing. If you are ready to get your project unerway, but your a little short on funds, let The Chimney Pro’s help!

Schedule an appointment for a free “In-Home” consultation, we can provide you with ideas and help make your concepts a reality. For our existing customers, if you’ve already had your chimney cleaned and inspected by The Chimney Pro’s, we now have all your measurements—meaning, all we have to do is pick out the unit you like and lets get it put in!

Call The Chimney Pro’s for all your fireplace and chimney needs… One Call Does it All … 651-731-5111

The Chimney Pro’s reserves the right to withdraw any proposal at any time with or without cause or reason.