Derek Turnock, Chimney Technician & Mason Chimney Pros Minnesota

Derek Turnock

Administrative Coordinator – CSIA certified, #11724

With 6 years of hands-on experience, Derek is a skilled Chimney Technician and Mason for the Chimney Pro’s, ensuring safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal for residential and commercial clients.

Derek excels in diagnosing and addressing chimney issues with technical precision, combining expertise in both chimney services and masonry work.

Known for professionalism, Derek communicates effectively with clients, providing insights into chimney care and maintenance for a positive overall experience.

Derek demonstrates adaptability and forward-thinking, contributing to The Chimney Pro’s leadership in the dynamic chimney services landscape.

In his role as a Chimney Technician and Mason, Derek contributes to the success of The Chimney Pro’s with a multifaceted skill set and dedication to client satisfaction.