Chimney Repair Minnesota, The Chimney Pros MNDo you need a chimney repair in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, or Western Wisconsin? The Chimney Pro’s are capable, qualified, CSIA Certified, licensed, and ready to tackle your chimney repair problems.

Whether you just need that damper handle fixed, the entire chimney tuckpointed, a complete chimney rebuild, or maybe you want an ongoing problem diagnosed and fixed

The Chimney Pro’s are the ones to call for all of your chimney repair needs!!! You can trust The Chimney Pro’s to get the job done right….The First Time!

Get Answers About Your Chimney Repair!

Chimney Repair and Cleaning Minnesota, The Chimney Pros MN When you can’t get answers about your chimney repair problems, or you have been told you need more repairs than you thought you needed, The Chimney Pro’s are the one to call.

We specialize in the “Unique” chimney repairs and diagnosis. The Chimney Pro’s specialize in all aspects of chimney repair, and are always on the cutting edge of new chimney repair techniques. Technology has even touched chimney repairs and The Chimney Pro’s have all the new tools, with the factory training, experience, and CSIA Certifications to back them up. We can rebuild your chimney from the inside out…Quickly, Efficiently, and Without Any Mess In Your House! Before you let some other chimney company tear your house apart, or pay thousands more than you needed to, Contact The Chimney Pro’s, You’ll Be Glad You Did.

With over 25 years of solid experience repairing, cleaning, inspecting and diagnosing chimneys, fireplaces, and furnace chimneys in Minnesota and Wisconsin—The Chimney Pro’s will professionally take care of all your chimney repair needs. See the “List of Services” page for more details on some of the more common, and not so common, repairs.

Give us a call and we will discuss any specific chimney repair, or problem you might have, in detail with you. Typically, where other chimney companies are only able to offer you a single option to fix something,The Chimney Pro’s can offer you multiple options. The best part is, most of our options will save you money, time, and come with lifetime warranties!

“The Perfect Chimney Repair Brick Match” with The Chimney Pro’s

Chimney repair and Cleaning Minnesota, The Chimney Pros MN When brick repairs are done, finding matching brick is sometimes impossible. Most of the time we can get pretty close, and there are times when the brick you have was discontinued in 1963 and there is nothing remotely close.

We just started working with a company, NAWKAW Industries that does nothing other then match brick colors by staining each individual brick. We will build your brick project with a neutral color brick, then they come in after we are done and match the new brick to your existing brick. We can even stain the mortar to match your existing mortar.

It looks like the original, only it’s new and perfectly matched!

So, if you have been holding off on a project because your contractor can’t find a brick match, you had work done that sticks out like a sore thumb and want it fixed, or you just want what your going to have done turn out perfect–Obviously, this service isn’t free, however, it isn’t as expensive as you would think either. This is just something that can be done when the end product has to be perfect in every way.

We can match any color brick, stone, or concrete and all the staining comes with a 25 year warranty.

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