Chimney and Fireplace Inspections Minnesota The Chimney Pros


Having chimney and fireplace inspections is crucial to the safety of your home.

Chimney and fireplace cleaning Minnesota The Chimney Pros


The Chimney Pro’s standard chimney cleanings includes a Level 2 Video Inspection.

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation Minnesota The Chimney Pros

Gas Fireplace Inserts

No tending to a roaring fire on a cold Minnesota night with a gas fireplace insert.

Chimney Liners and Flue Replacement and installation Minnesota The Chimney Pros

Chimney Liner
Flue Replacement

Stainless steel liners protects the masonry chimney from constant from acidic flue gases.

Masonry Wood Heaters Minnesota The Chimney Pros

Masonry Heaters

Masonry Heaters heat your home for 12-24 hours on one firing of wood.


Minneapolis/St. Paul Preferred Chimney Sweep & Chimney Cleaning Co.

Certified Chimney Sweep & Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning Minnesota, The Chimney Pros MNAs a professional Licensed & CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Contractor in Minneapolis – St. Paul, The Chimney Pro’s strive to provide their customers with exceptional Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Repairs, and Installation Services through proper instruction in utilizing wood-burning systems. The Chimney Pro’s are able to help keep homes warm, and famlies safer, by carrying on the centuries old traditions of the chimney sweep trade.

Who are the Chimney Pro’s? A Certified Chimney Sweep Co.

The Chimney Pro’s have been proudly serving the Great People of Minnesota and Wisconsin for 25-years now. During that time, we have seen just about every chimney configuration you can think of–and a few you can’t. The Chimney Pro’s have worked on some of the biggest chimney projects in the Twin Cities, and we do some of the smallest. When you’re looking for Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping, Relining, Masonry Repairs, Tuckpointing, or Chimney Problem Diagnosis…

The Chimney Pro’s Are The Trusted Name In Chimneys!
The Chimney Pro’s staff are CSIA Certified, the company is a member of The Chimney Sweep Guild, and licensed by the great State of Minnesota (BC647036). We are always attending advanced training courses so we can provide the absolute best service possible.

The Chimney Pro’s are Fully Insured, Experienced, Qualified, and Ready to Serve YOU!
The Chimney Pro’s take pride in the work we do, we know it’s your home–but our names on it. We don’t cut corners and we won’t compromise our quality of work just to win a bid.

Hire The Chimney Pro’s and rest assured you’re getting the best possible service at a fair and ethical price.
The Chimney Pro’s are always continuing their education to better serve our clients. Technology has touched every facet of life, including chimneys, and keeping up with new procedures helps us better serve our clients. The Chimney Pro’s experience, education, and customer service separates us from the rest.

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The Chimney Pro’s are Strictly Committed to Providing YOU the Best Service Possible!

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